dimecres, 16 de desembre de 2009

Castelló Norms: 77 years and going on

A common standard of Catalan language was an extraordinary effort by linguist Pompeu Fabra. Catalan is divided in two main dialects: Western (spoken in Lleida and València for instance) and Eastern (spoken in Perpinyà, Barcelona or Mallorca).

Some people in the Western dialect doubted about the standard’s work in spite of the Fabra’s will to write the language similarly as Western Catalan is spoken. After a short discussion an agreement was reached on 1932. It was signed in Castelló by Catalan and Valencian linguists.

These Castelló’s norms suppose the main base for the unity of the language in spite of the efforts by some Spanish-speaking people who defended that Catalan and Valencian were two separated languages. The common normative is nowadays accepted by everybody.

To celebrate such an important event next December 19th is convoked a demonstration in Castelló. Every year a similar action is done in the city with hundred of demonstrators. The event is convoked by Maulets, a youth organisation, as well as other groups. More actions are announced by other political parties as Bloc.

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