dilluns, 18 d’octubre de 2010

Five parties claim Autonomy for Northen Catalonia

On September 26, five political parties met in Donibane Lohizune (French Basque country) to discuss the proposed land reform the French government. The parties issued a joint statement where they observe that the government's response is global even meeting different scenarios. The proposals, they say, tend to go back on decentralization and local democracy using the excuse of simplifying and good management committed to measures that reinforce centralism. Examples are made the suppression of "pays” (countries) in Brittany and Northern Basque Country (Iparralde).

However there are positive aspects as the mergers in Alsace and Savoie (now divided into two departments each), or the reunification of Brittany. The statement claims to transform the Catalan and Basque departments into news entities with special status. This figure already exists in Corsica as a self-government with limited powers.
The signatories of the declaration are Unser Land of Alsace, Parti Breton / Strollad Breizh Brittany, Democratic Convergence of Catalonia North Ligue Savoisienne and Basque Nationalist Party of Euskadi North.

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