dijous, 25 de novembre de 2010

New York Times: benefits of independence in the long term are huge

Catalonians will decide next Sunday their autonomous Parliament. Finally there will be four independentist options: Esquerra (ERC), Reagrupament (Rcat), Solidaritat (SI) and Des de Baix. Esquerra is a moderate left party who has governed last 7 years with the Spanish nationalist PSOE. The improvements for Catalonia have been almost zero so the historic party will have a strong fail. Reagrupament is a ERC's split with  a personal leader, doctor Joan Carretero. Solidaritat is a coalition lead by ex-Barcelona F.C. president, Joan Laporta. The coalition is formed by the independentist wing of CDC (an autonomist party), another ERC's split and minor parties: Greens, Republicans and Marxists. Finally Des de Baix is a coalition of three trostkist groups formed by federalists and independentists.
An USA newspaper, "New York Times", includes a full report about elections. Only Solidaritat is asked by the NYT. In the report a Catalonian economist says "the benefits of independence in the long term are huge". The paper says independentist division will weak the movement. This election is a historic opportunity to take a decisive step toward independence,” says Joan Laporta to NYT: The right to handle our own money is a priority."

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