diumenge, 30 d’octubre de 2011

Spanish Terrorist Runs Over Two Catalan Boys

A former member of Spanish the nationalist party Partido Popular, Juan José García Mora, placed a Republican Spanish flag (forbidden since the restoration of democracy) at the entrance fence of the Masquefa’s local council, where he lives. He waited, hidden in his car, for a reaction. As two Catalan young men (one of them a former local councilor), took it away the terrorist hit them with his car. This seems to be a method copied from Israelian settlers and Palestinians too, but Spanish terrorists had never used it before. After hitting them with his car he stopped his car and got out of the car to beat them. The boys are in hospital now with several broken bones and one of them even needed to be operated.

In fact Spanish terrorism has been very active lately with six attacks but nobody had been injured up till now. There is a growth in terrorist acts against Catalans as a result of the growth of the pro-independence movement nurtured by the Spanish economic fiasco. The terrorist had been detained but he has been released again. Masquefa’s local councilor condemned the terrorist attack. This happened during the day of Hispanidad day in which Spanish nationalists celebrate the union of Spain and its supremacy within its territories.

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