dimarts, 23 d’octubre del 2018

A party to celebrate that the statutory process is dead

The first mobilization after the ruling made public against the new self-government statute was a…celebration!. The organizers, Sovereignty Act (Acte de Sobirania) , did not conceive the concentration as a sign of protest or rejection. On the contrary, it was a party, proclaimed one of the spokesmen for the association. He recalled that the statutory process is" dead "and now begins the road to independence. It is for this reason that the Act of Sovereignty invited nearly half thousand people who went up to the Catalan Palace of the Government to make a toast with champagne to celebrate the new situation. It was a clear demonstration of the independence resolution Spanish judicial structure is an excellent opportunity to try to achieve their goal. "We thank those who brought us to this crossroads, where there are two paths: one Spanish region to be plundered or their own state".

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