dissabte, 25 de setembre de 2010

A former Catalan regional minister with Solidarity

A former minister of the Catalan regional government has announced it will support the new coalition SCI. Carles Solà was born in Xàtiva, Valencian Country on 1945.He awarded a PhD degree in Chemistry, he has carried out research in Biochemical Engineering with 130 publications, having tutored 22 doctoral theses. Solà was Rector of a Catalan University (UAB). He also was president of the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities and member of the Executive Committee for the International Association of University President as well as member of the Board of the European University Association. He was awarded Doctor Honoris Causa in Science from the University of Southampton (1999) and is member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Solà was proud to be in the last position in the Solidarity’s list. He says this is the best option fos catalan people to be independent and to be, withou filters, in Europe.
Other personalities are supporting the new movement as the Valencian writer Isabel Clara-Simó, prominent teachers of law and economics as Hèctor López Bofill and Emili Valdero or the notary Alfons López Tena. They are forming a storng team with key personalities of the “referendum movement” as uriel bertran and Anna Arqué. Last year about 500 referendums have been organized across the country with half a milion voters.

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  1. Hello Jordi,
    very interesting and nice website.

    In Fryslân we are active and try to set up a interfrisian parliament, cross broder, with some executive power (finances, right to write laws, perhaps get tax income).
    Do you know about a cross-stateborder organization in the Catalan country that can be chosen from citizens (or chosen politicians) from both sides of the state border and that has some executive power? For example in the field of tourism, language, agriculture, ... It can be everything.
    Do you have a website adress of it and can you briefly describe what it is doing?

    We need examples of other countries to convince people that what we are doing is not unique. You can imagine that if we have a precedent in other states it will be more easy for us to set up such a structure.

    Sybren Posthumus, geml0013@xs4all.nl

  2. Hello Sybren,
    Nice to meet you again!.
    We've several cross border initiatives. The most "Official" is the Catalan cross-border space but it's not very active.
    A storng effort is the building of an hospital in Puigcerdà. It will be a cross border hospital for Catalan people both from France & Spain.
    As usual most of the info is in Catalan, Spanih or French. It's wrong but you can take a look here:
    Last meeting was on 09.03.2010 in French Catalonia:
    In Fryslân such an initiative could be more succesful for obvious reasons.