dimarts, 21 de setembre de 2010

Spanish terrorist attack against independentist meeting

Around 21 hours on Saturday 09.18.2010, during the presentation of the Catalan Solidarity Independence in Cervera (Segarra), unidentified individuals burned a Catalan Starry flag (cpopularlu called “estelada”), approximately ten feet. It hunged from the main facade of the Gran Teatre de La Passió de Cervera, the theather were the meeting took place. A number of firefighters personed immediately to the scene while the fire was initially turned off by a member of the organizing team. The fire did not caused any injury.

There were a strong crowd of four hundred people inside the building, who had not news of the fact until the end of the event. Sources firefighters ensured that the fire, very bulky, could jeopardize the integrity of the building, which housed hundreds of reminding people of all ages inside. Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència asked Spanish nationalist parties to denounce the terrorist attack. Nor PSOE, PP or C’s did it. This is a reason to be ilegalized in the Spanish law. Is this law the same for everybody?.

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