dijous, 26 de maig de 2011

1.568 local councillors elected are pro Independence

Last May 22nd local councils were renewed in Catalonia. Catalan independence movement, in political terms, is highly divided. There were many lists from many parties: Esquerra, Reagrupament, CUP, Solidaritat, Identitat,... It supposed a set back for the independence voters. In spite of this there were elected 1.568 local councillors from independentist parties. Most of them (1.384) from ERC. CUP is the second on with a hundred councillors (up from 20).
From now on 17 % of the Catalan local councillors have been elected in lists which defend the Catalan independence. Two of them in tne main city, Barcelona, were Esquerra, Reagrupament and Democràcia Catalans formed a single list. Pro independence vote amounted 370.000 people.

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