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The case of the Catalans: trip to Westminster

On Monday 13 of June of current year 2011 in the afternoon it is foreseen to go to the city of London in order to deliver to the Westminster Parliament the set of accessions achieved during our three months campaign All to Westminster, the case of the catalans.
It is foreseen a proposal including flight, transport and hotel and, additionally, several turistic and cultural activities will be arranged in London and its neighborhood so that we take maximum advantage of our stay in the capital of England.

The case of the Catalans
On 20th June of 1705, the City of Geneva, the Catalan commissioners Perera Domènech and Antoni de Peguera and the attendant of Queen Anne of England, Mitford Crowe, signed an agreement upon which the English Crown promised “a lifetime warranty to guarantee privileges and the Laws of the Principality”. These were moments in which the Catalan Nation was fighting against the Spanish and French troops to safeguard their liberty and their constitutional system, which was finally suppressed by the Nova Planta Decrees. Unfortunately, The British Crown,, did not meet the Commitment leaving the Catalan people at their own fate in absolute inferiority of the occupants. It was as early as 1714 that English deputies protested for what was called “the case of the catalans”.
On July 17th of the year 2010, fourteen deputies of the Westminster Parliament representing the people of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England, delivered a motion to the British Parliament so that to approve a support agreement to Catalonia for the right to decide their own future and become a free country among the free countries of the world.
As a knowledge proof and recognition an accession collection campaign has been initiated and we will personally deliver it to the British Deputies. The accessions can be done through this web site casdelscatalans.cat.
We therefore invite everybody to access to the public pronouncement and make it visible to all those people wishing to show their acknowledgment for the support received which, no doubt, will mean the beginning of a new era to bring us to the international recognition of the Catalan nation.

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