dilluns, 11 de gener de 2010

"La nostra terra" republished in Mallorca

“La nostra terra” (Our land) was a cultural magazine published in Mallorca from January 1928 to May 1936. The domains of art, literature and science were reviewed in almost a hundred issues. Cultural personalities as Picasso collaborated as well as there were translations of works from Gorki or other writers of the moment. Studies about Kierkegaard, Le Corbusier, Stravinsky, Bartók shows the high quality of the magazine. More than two hundred people, from the Catalan Countries, published in “La nostra terra”.

The Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics has reprinted the issues published in five books as a evidence of the Catalan national unity as well as its will to be open to the world. Their main idea was that every Balearic island had its own identity; but all of them were united thanks to the Catalan nationality.
As many other Catalan cultural initiatives, this magazine was abolished by the Spanish nationalist dictatorship in 1936. The damage done for forty years of dictatorship and 300 years of Spanish fierce imposition is still to be reversed.

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