dimecres, 20 de gener de 2010

Valencian people climb to break the TV borders

The autonomous government of the Valencian Country is ruled by the Spanish Popular Party. Three years ago this government decided to act severely against the TV’s reception of the neighbour autonomy: Catalonia. It tried to cut the reception. In spite of these, Catalan autonomy receives well the Valencian TV which is partially in Valencian. Catalan autonomous channels are fully in Catalan language. The two autonomies share the same own language: Catalan; sometimes called Valencian too. This is not extraordinary as well as Spanish is sometimes called Castillian.

Popular protests of Valencian people and a judicial answer stopped some of the PP actions but not anyone. Some regions have lost the signal at all. This is an unique case in Europe. Popular movements begun a campaign called “Televisions without borders”. The aim is to promote the sharing of channels in neighbouring autonomies. They have reached an extraordinary number of signatures: 300.000. But they need 500.000 to be recognised by the Spanish government in this popular legislative initiative. This weekend, too, Acció Cultural del País Valencià (ACPV, Valencian Country Cultural Action) will climb to the mountains were TV reception engines have been closed: on January 23 to the Montduver and on January 24 to the Bartolo (with buses from Castelló and Vila-real). There will be popular meetings in support of the initiative at the end of the rallies. Basque and Galician associations are being to support “Televisions without borders too” so the half a million signatures could be achieved.

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