divendres, 16 de juliol de 2010

First camping for the language on the island of Menorca

For the first time a camping for the language will be held on the island of Menorca, the Balearic island where Catalan is more deeply rooted. For over a decade Youth of Mallorca for the Language have made this fun and vindicative activity. This year the is that the camp has moved to the island of Menorca. The musical programm is headed by Valencian band Obrint Pas. The activity takes place on 3 and 4 July in the village of Ferreries and they have opened a blog to explain the news. Yjey also organize a boat from Majorca. As one of the organizers says: "Being able to enjoy a weekend aimed at the normalization of the language, the feast and the defense and promotion of our language, it is a success. Ferreries will become a festive and assertive core. The ability to organize an activity of this scale shows that we’re alive. " More than a thousand people celebrated tehir own language in the festival and abround three hundred were camped.

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