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Milion Catalonians march for right to be a nation: great impact on international press

International press has covered with great interest the biggest demonstration ever held in Catalonia.
Under the slogan “We’re a nation. We decide” the march was full of separatists flags. More of them are now in the windows of many homes.
Certainly the demo was to defend a greater autonomy but the Spanish opposition to accept it transformed the rally in a giant independentist show. Here are some links to follow the new, most of them taken by Vilaweb and the Emma Collective in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 posts as well as a good note:

Protest for independence in Spain. CNN

Multitudinaria marcha por la independencia en Cataluña. Clarín.

Mais de um milhão de pessoas pedem 'independência' em Barcelona IOL (Portugal).

Catalans rally for greater autonomy within Spain The Washington Post

Catalan protest over Court ruling Sunday Express

Manifestation pour la "nation catalane" Le Figaro

In South Africa, Catalans Lead Spain; In Spain, Catalans Want (More) Freedom. Time

Million march for Catalonia's right to autonomy. The Sidney Morning Herald

Catalans march to assert nationhood Al-Jazeera.

Un million de personnes pour la Catalogne. Radio Canada.

Hunderttausende Katalanen fordern mehr Autonomie Tagesschau

1.1 million people rally in Barcelona in favor of greater Catalan autonomy within Spain Los Angeles Times

Millionenprotest in Katalonien: 'Adéu Espanya' Der Spiegel.

Manifestation monstre à Barcelone pour défendre l'autonomie Euronews (vídeo).

Barcellona e la Catalogna sul piede di guerra contro la Spagna Giornalettismo .

1.1 million people rally in Barcelona in favor of greater Catalan autonomy within Spain Fox News.

Miljoen Catalanen betogen voor autonomie Het Journaal, De Redactie (Flanders)

'Wir sind eine Nation' Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Hunderttausende Katalanen fordern Unabhängigkeit i Katalonien will nicht mehr für arme Spanier zahlen  Der Standard (Austria).

Catalan protesters rally for greater autonomy in Spain BBC.

Catalonië protesteert tegen Spanje De Telegraaf

Let us call a Nation. Morning Star.

Spanish success raises nationalist hackles. Reuters

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  1. Mercès per aquest meravellós aplec.

    Sempre endevant.

    Tenim la independència, és a dir, la dignitat, a tocar de mà.