dilluns, 5 de juliol de 2010

Demonstration "We are a nation. We decide." convoked

As a clear answer to the cutting of the self-government statute by an Spanish tribunal, Òmnium Cultural has convoked a demonstration in Barcelona next July 10th. It will be a show of strength of the Catalan people. All the Catalan parties have supported it from the monarchists of the Carlist Party to Marxists of EUiA. A 90 % of the Catalan parliament also supports it. Only extreme unionists are opposed to the defense of the legal text approved by the Catalan people by a clear majority.
The majority of Catalan independentist parties support the demonstration and will march, side by side, with the autonomist forces. Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, Candidatura d’Unitat Popular are the biggest to march with autonomist forces as CiU and PSOE.

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