dilluns, 22 de febrer de 2010

The architect of modern Catalan

Finally, a taste of the Pompeu Fabra’s great work has been published in English too. “The architect of Modern Catalan” is a book of Fabra’s selected writings by Joan Costa Carreras (Pompeu Fabra’s University). Pompeu Fabra (1868-1948), as has been said in “Free Catalonia” is renowned as the person who reformed and codified the Catalan language, giving it the condition of a normativised language for the years to come.

In spite of an strong value of the Fabra’s figure at Catalan level he was almost undiscovered at international level. The volume, translated by Alan Yates (Univerity of Shetfield), includes a general presentation of the language too with an outline survey of the social history of the Catalan language, chased during five centuries by both the Spanish and the French languages. It costs 95 €.

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