diumenge, 7 de febrer de 2010

Catalan language flame renovated

On 1968 it was commemorated the first century of the Pompeu Fabra’s born. Fabra was the man who codified the Catalan language. He is buried in Prada de Conflent, Northern Catalonia in the French state. As an homage as well as an allegiance a flame was started in his grave. Since then, every year, this flame is renovated in the Catalan sacred mountain, Montserrat. Montserrat is for the Catalans just as the Black Hills for the Sioux or the Uluru mountain for the Australian aboriginals.

A religious and vindication act was organized in Montserrat on February 7th by the Sant Feliu de Guíxols country trippers. Every year a local section of country trippers take the flame from Prada and renovate their allegiance to the language. This is the 41st edition of the Catalan language flame’s renovation.

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