dissabte, 13 de febrer de 2010

Euronews: Catalonia independence or autonomy?

Interest in Catalonia's independence is growing. As a major proofe Euwonews channel broadcasts the next report :
"Catalonia is a major economic engine within Spain. However, many Catalans are tired of the taxes they hand over to Madrid. It is a region with a proud histroy and language and calls for independence are growing louder. Is Catalonia serious about a split from Spain?"
An interesting question is that Euronews tags the report not in "Politics" but in "Economy".

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  1. Sometimes I think this reports only talk about taxes or our interest for the money. Catalonia is a nation, like Portugal or England. The diference between they and us is the Catalans have been losing all the wars since 1714. That's it. But losing or not, we have been, we are and we will be Catalans.