diumenge, 25 d’abril de 2010

April 25th, independence’s referendums fourth round

The fourth wave of referendums on independence in catalonia will take place on the 25th April 2010. More than 200 towns are currently organizing their referendum, and 1.5 million of citizens will be eligible voters. Large cities such as Girona, Lleida, Reus and Manresa are included. The capital of the country, Barcelona, has just created its local committee to organize the referendum, which will be held on the 10th April 2011. These referendums are considered the first step towards a large-scale referendum backed by the Catalan Parliament. You can follow the referendums in: http://referendumindependencia.cat/
By other way, as we said yesterday, the València's demonstration took place in the river Turia's city. About 20.000 people followed the march in a big demonstration full of Catalan flags.

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