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Enough is enough in València: We’re Catalan Countries

A civic demonstration will take place in València city on April 24th under the slogan “Enough is enough”. This date remembers the defeat on 1707 which supposed the end of the local freedoms (own language, own laws…). A civic movement formed by cultural and social organizations is under the demonstration. It is formed, for instance, by Acció Cultural del País Valencià (Valencian Country Cultural Action), trade unions or ecologist groups. The defense of Catalan culture is one of the vindication terms but not the one. The defense of El Cabanyal, a Valencian city neighborhood or the stopping of speculation are some of the terms. Spanish nationalist party, PP, tries for many years to destroy El Cabanyal which is a traditional Valencian zone and to build an absolutely new area without any popular soul. The same party has forbidden the Catalan TV (TV3) in Valencian autonomous community or the Republican hymn in a meeting remembering the people killed by the Franco’s regime.
Other activities under the same vindications are to be organized in Dénia, Cullera, Massalavés- l'Alcúdia and the València’s university. By other way, the day before the demonstration an independentist meeting will take place in the Valencian university under the slogan “Som Països Catalans” (We’re Catalan Countries) organized by the Student Union of the Catalan Countries (Sindicat d’Estudiants dels Països Catalans). An independentist block, under the same slogan will march too on Saturday formed by Endavant, Maulets, CAJEI, the trade union COS, SEPC and Alerta Solidària.

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