dimecres, 30 de juny de 2010

Spain strangles the Catalan self-government

A Spanish court has considered that the new Statute of Autonomy is not legal. It has been done by a narrow margin of votes and after several maneuvers removing the vote of some of its members with different arguments. Only six people have decided that the law adopted by the Spanish parliament, the Catalan parliament, the Spanish senate and the entire Catalan people,is just not legal. All of them were wrong. This six aged people are right, they think.

The ruling denies that Catalonia is a nation, it also denies the right to own justice, to use symbols like the flag as part of its institutional activities and to collect taxes. A portion of the sentence is particularly harsh: the Catalan language is considered by the court as a second language to Spanish subject. This will be a pullback towards the previous status where the Catalan language was a priority in the country. Until now, the autonomous TV was completely in Catalan, from now on it should be bilingual as the Catalan institutions activities and the language of the school. Never as now Spain and Catalonia were so far.

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