dimecres, 11 d’agost de 2010

International meeting of Corti: hope instead of resentment

The ghjurnate di Corti are a gathering of national movements throughout the world. This weekend was celebrated the 29th edition. It is a meeting point by national liberation movements.

This year there were delegations of Ireland (Sinn Féin), Catalan Countries (Catalan Solidarity for Independence, State Catalan, Catalan Committee of Internationalist Solidarity), Euskal Herria (Construction of Autonomy, Askatasuna, Batasuna), Sardinia (Sardinia Natzione, Independentzia Repùbrica di Sardinia), or New Caledonia (FLNKS, USTKE, and Parti UNPK Travaillistes Kanak). The organizers were Corsica Libera. Other years there has been Occitan, Welsh, Breton, Alsatian or Scottish delegations.

The program included several activities: a workshop for young people, the first assembly of elected councilors for independence, the projection of the film "Bloody Sunday" and a debate on "land". Corsica is experiencing a very tough because the pressure of real estate speculators trying to build. It is always easy to get a permit. The national movement opposes to the island filled with cement. A space was devoted to Corsican political prisoners .

Years ago, these days we lived in a climate of resentment. Even there had been shot submachine guns. Now the national movement hearts just get the best results in its history. Within the independence of these have exceeded the 10% barrier. They are in parliament. And the guests also come with progress under his arm.

Days of Corti: the voice of the international delegations

The Basque delegation with Maite Goientxe of Batasuna has emphasized that "these meetings are an asset because you learn and make known the conflicts that we suffer." In an optimistic tone believes "there are real conditions to win the right to self determination." Precisely Kanak delegation explained that a maximum of three years the nation will convene in the Pacific "a local referendum for self-determination" according to agreements between the independence movement and the French government (Noumea agreement).

Also optimism in the Catalan delegation where Uriel Bertran, former ERC MP and a promoter of the new movement Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència, said that "the popular movement for independence alive a force unprecedented in our country". It is prepared on a "big coalition" for independence. Sardinia was represented by Gavino Sale, from IRS, who is a newly elected provincial. Their movement is inspired by Gandhi and opposed all forms of violence. Its growth has been steady in recent years with a very successful work. For Sale "accepting the hypothesis of independence has become a reality." And this is already a victory. "It takes the example of Catalonia, or the case of recognition of Kosovo by the Hague tribunal.". Sale was one of international observers to consultations on independence held in Catalonia.

Finally there was an Irish delegation. It was led by Paul Fleming, Mayor of Derry and POW from 1974 to 1990. "Today, he says, Sinn Féin has assimilated the idea of discussion abandonment of armed solution." The policy is the way that favors the party that keeps growing in every election and have on the horizon the achievement of an unification with the rest of Ireland. Fleming and the language is' an important vector. Northern Irish government has just announced it will open four Gaelic schools next September.

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