dimarts, 31 d’agost de 2010

International sheepdogs competition in Catalan Countries

Catalan sheepdogs (gossos d’atura) are the dogs which help sheperds in the work of bringing cattle. They are used all over the Pyrenees (Aragonese, Basque, Catalan and Occitan parts).

Every year an international competition is organized in eight rounds. The fifth round was played yesterday in Castellar de N’Hug. The last one will be held in Felanitx (Mallorca’s island). Castellar de N’Hug is a small and beautiful village in the Catalan mountains. It is placed in the Berguedà region.
All dogs follow a unified regulation, which governs the area, laid out the evidence and gives a score according to the jury, usually composed of veterinarians. Obedience is first valued in the ability to drive sheep. The first contest was played in 1962. A Catalan federation organizes the competition. Josep Armengou, a shepherd from Castellar de N'Hug, once more won the first place. The second one was for Juli Bayoy from Ares del Maestrat (Castelló) and the third one for Miquel Adrover, from mallorca. The public was formed by more than six thousand people.

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