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Letter from 28 intelelctuals (from 6 states) to The Economist about bullfighting

The next letter has been sent by 28 intellectuals from 6 states to 'The Economist' for its tendentious treatment about the question:

Sir, We strongly disagree with your treatment of the Catalan Parliament's decision to prohibit bullfighting in Catalonia ("The land of the ban", July 29th 2010).
We find the title itself tendentious, and several other phrases appearing in the article (for example, 'What will Catalonia outlaw next?'; 'a taste for outlawing whatever irks them'; and 'spasm of intolerance') are inaccurate, offensive, and out of place in a publication of The Economist's caliber.
As people who know Catalonia well, we fail to recognize in those expressions what we have always found to be a progressive, open-minded and welcoming society.
We would expect The Economist to be able to offer its readers a more truthful account of the state of things in Catalonia today.

Víctor Alexandre, Writer and journalist

Iñaki Anasagasti, Member of the Spanish Senate

Helena Buffery, Lecturer at Birmingham and Cork Universities

Montserrat Armengou TV documentary-maker

Salvador Cardús i Ros, Dean, School of Political Science and Sociology, UAB, Barcelona

Eugeni Casanova, Author and journalist

Josep Cruanyes, Lawyer and President of Plataforma pel Dret a Decidir, Barcelona

Francesc de Dalmases i Thió, Director, Catalan International View

Susan M. DiGiacomo, Professor, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona

Henry Ettinghausen Emeritus Professor, University of Southampton.

Armand de Fluvià, Genealogist and heraldist, University Professor, Barcelona

August Gil Matamala, Lawyer

Montserrat Guibernau Pofessor of History, Queen Mary's London

José Luis de las Heras, Professor of History, Salamanca University

Cristina Lagé Manich, Espai Catalunya Topalekua

J.C. Major, Col.lectiu Emma, New York

Joan M. Minguet Batllori, Art History Professor, UAB, Barcelona

Pedro Morón de la Fuente, Journalist, Sant Boi de Llobregat

Oriol Pi-Sunyer, Emeritus Professor, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Jordi Porta, Ex President of Òmnium Cultural, Barcelona

Francesc Ribera, Musician, Berga

Isabel-Clara Simó, Writer, Barcelona

Toni Strubell, Coordinator of the Comissió de la Dignitat, Girona

Víctor Terradellas i Maré, Editor, Catalan International View

Josep Maria Terricabras, Professor of Philosophy at Girona University, Girona

Colm Toíbín, Writer, Dublin

Quim Torra, Publisher and writer

Amèlia Trueta, Historian, Oxford

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