dissabte, 14 d’agost de 2010

Summer Catalan University 2010

From August 16th to August 24th Prada de Conflent will host the Catalan Summer University. Prada is a village under French administration but a Catalan one. It is placed in Northern Catalonia.

Catalan Summer University (UCE) arises from the festivities organized in 1968 in Prada along the Catalan Youth Cultural Group and the Group of Catalan Studies Roussillon, after May 1968. From this successful experience, and the interest of the people of Northern Catalonia to promote and advance the language and culture and the need of the people of the Principality, the Islands and Valencia to find a space of freedom at a time when Franco was very alive in the summer of 1969 emerged the first UCE.

It atracts about about two thousand people and members of tha main national parties visit it and gave speeches. CiU, ERC and Reagrupament members are expected this year. CUP will pay homage to the patriot and well known painter Manuel Viusà.

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