dilluns, 21 de juny de 2010

15’7 % people voted: 89,3 % said yes

The fifth wave of consultations about Catalonia’s independence obtained a 15.7% stake (14.2% of the census broadened). This is the lowest of those made so far. Before this wave, the average participation was 23.5%. This decline of almost eight points was motivated by the failure who have had the consultations in the area of Baix Llobregat. In this country the average participation was 9.1%, It means fourteen points below the average of 23 , 5%. Baix Llobregat is a small region near from Barcelona that it is mainly populated by Spanish people. Most of them have their origins in Spain because they have born there or are second (and third ) generation migrants. Most of them refuse Catalan identity and they live as they still were in Spain.

The other side of the coin of the day has been the consultation in Mataró. In this important city in the Maresme coast the participation was 27.2%, exceeding the 26.97% obtained in April in Girona. In Mataró 23,006 people voted. Just in Mataró two unionists assaulted on electoral college destroying material but there were no wounded people.
Should be noted also that in Cerdanyola del Vallès (also with high numbers of Spanish people) participation stood at 16,52%. Sobremunt a little village in the Osona’s county has been the people with more participation: 73.24.
In absolute numbers, 68.157 people voted on June 20th. 55,388 (89.3%) have done for independence, and 4,648 (7.5%) against. %. You can follow the complete results in the 48 villages in the Coordination web.

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