dissabte, 12 de juny de 2010

Perpignan unanimously approved a charter for the Catalan language

The council of the Northen Catalonia capital, Perpinyà, unanimously approved a charter which recognizes the Catalan as co-official language of the city, along with the French. The charter is covered in several international texts in the French constitution and wants to ensure the survival and transmission of Catalan in the Catalan northern territory which is under French administration. This is the first council to claim official recognition of Catalan in the French state. All groups that make up the council, since the UMP majority group and the various opposition groups voted for the text. The next step from the City of Perpignan wants to carry out that the charter to be voted, approved and ratified in all 229 municipalities of the territory of Northern Catalonia. After this step institutions should create institutions that care for the development of the Catalan language, from education to government and institutions themselves.

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