dimecres, 23 de juny de 2010

Cycling for the language to be official

Cycling 300 km for the Catalan language. Miquel Català has begun to turn the bike on Sunday 20th. He will cross about 300 kilometers separating Paris and Brussels. He has with him 32,000 signatures in favor of the Catalan language to be official in the EU. He will deliver them to the Catalan MEPs at the Flemish capital. Català started the race at in the morning from the headquarters of the Catalan Government in Paris, where he has received support from the government representative who wished him luck in the journey. The same language militant in 2008 translated the official website of the Catalan Parliament, a job which had the support of the majority of MEPs Catalans but it caused problems with legal services of the institution.

The website was well received among Internet users in April 2009 and Catalan embarked on another site, 'oficialitat.cat', through which he has collected some 32,000 signatures in 20 European countries in favor of official status of Catalan in the EU.
'I love cycling and I found a striking way to present the initiative and efforts somehow explain that Catalans are willing to do the official language', has pointed statements in young computer to journalists at the door of the offices of the Government in the French capital.
The battle for official recognition of Catalan in the European institutions that lasts for years, without significant advances that have occurred. It is necessary that the Spanish and French will have to convince the other members of the EU because the European Council declared an official language, Catalan. They won’t.

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