dilluns, 14 de juny de 2010

Tens of thousands of Catalans march for self-determination in Barcelona

Tens of thousands of demonstrators demonstrated on Saturday 12th in the city of Barcelona to demand the right of self determination. They were 50,000 according to the organization, but the police said they were no more than five thousandUnder the slogan 'Self-determination is democracy", the demonstration has been called by the Platform for the Right to Decide (PDD, Plataforma pel Dret a Decidir). PDD’s chairman said that the demonstration today was a response to the outrage of the Catalans. 'The Spanish state does not recognize the personality of Catalonia as a nation or the rights granted to the Spanish constitution gives (…) referendums, presenting a demonstration on Saturday and the popular initiative are examples of disagreement with the current situation”.

Protesters have also shown banners and slogans in support of the popular Initiative recently approved by the Catalan parliament. The initiative is to convoke a consultation on independence. A concert ended the march with artists as Dekrèpits, Jaume Arnella, Pep Sala and Titot.

The march also served to honor the work done by volunteers from the consultations on the independence vote and to encourage the next lapse, the June 20th. Just to acknowledge the work done by hundreds of volunteers who took part in the organization of consultations, were those who led them. There were two big banners, the first one with the slogan 'Self-determination is democracy'. In the first one there were representatives of many local committees organizers of the consultations. The second banner was with the slogan 'For the self-determination, democracy, labour and solidarity'. Behind the second banner parties and organizations that supported the event, such as ERC, CUP, Rally, Maulets , PSAN and JNC.

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