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First ever Catalan independentist meeting in unity

On March 3rd the Catalan separatism won a landmark. In Sabadell was performed a meeting clearly derived from the unitary experience of the popular consultation on independence. Vilaweb collected it fully in a video and made a summary too. It was also screened a short film of what could be an independent Catalonia.

Curtmetratge Acte d'Estat (Sabadell, 03/03/2010) from directe!cat on Vimeo.

The meeting was organized by the campaign "I am Catalan, I love freedom" and brought together a 1,100 people crowd paying all these post. It was worth it. Was not important but the number of attendees who spoke of the origin.

Joel Joan represented the platform Progress and Sovereignty and the new civic separatism appeared a few years ago. He said “We can be an state!”. Josep Guia independentism PSAN and historical vision of València. He remembered so many Catalans from València who gave brilliant moments to our culture. Writers as Isabel Clara Simó or Ausiàs March, thinkers as Joan Fuster… We should not forget, Guia said, that the Catalan nation is not only Catalonia.

Alfons López Tena represented the CDC’s independentist sector. CDC is the major Catalan party founded by 23 years Catalan president Jordi Pujol. Tena had a biggest paper in the independence consultations. He’s from València too. He said: "We will be a state, exercising it (…) It is better to have a state, a state that was not conducive, as part of Spain, because if autonomy was so good why not ask the Spaniards in France was their autonomous region?. We can be a state, thanks to the strength of the people, Long live to democracy!".

Joan Laporta, F.C. Barcelona team president, represented the hope of a true leader : “We have achieved the status Catalan because we want the best for our children and all those who come to live and work in our house. Catalonia has to be free. Applauses were bigger than ever. Joan Carretero, Reagrupament’¡s president gave an extremely rational message. Not in vain he’s a doctor. Reagrupament is a movement with less than one year has proven to be one of the busiest and renovators. “Organize consultations is fine, but it is better to win, and more, our Parliament has to represent. I ask you to vote a few months to bring about independence to the legitimate representative of the sovereignty of the Catalan people, the Parliament". Oriol Junqueras, ERC’s Member of European Parliament talked too. ERC is nowadays the main separatist party. Junqueras said that "never the dream of such a state itself is viable" and proclaimed: "Independence is not negotiated, nor agreed. .... It is proclaimed and defended".

Singer Titot the left independence revolutionary character, gave an emotional speech: "I remember one day in Sabadell when I said: "If we had the wonderful lamp and the genie asked what I wanted, doing sit fingers, Catalonia was an independent, I would say not. I wanted to live that, I wanted to enjoy all the sensations of the process, I do not want to lose the final victory, I wanted to live the first night of freedom, that I embrace with hundreds of colleagues fighters. How I would have regretted losing me. That joy was nailed me to the heart and there is no day that I rise not play the same emotions. As I like to remember, first the Principality quickly Menorca, Formentera, Mallorca and Eivissa, València and after the great Higher Cerdanya and Roussillon, and the Andorra’s Valley and the counties west ... It went over what we had filmed. The illusion is a fuel capable of operating heavy machines. And excited we won, could not be otherwise: they had an empire that sank and we build a country. When it was nearly independent, almost everyone was with us. "

Independentists of all backgrounds: liberals, Marxists, socialists and social-democrats. All together. Only through unity we will succeed. The act of Sabadell is a good start. It is not the only one.

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