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Northern Catalan elections: two lists over, one follows

As it was explained recently the French regional elections took place last March 14th. The most important thing is that the turnout was extremely low. The abstention was almost 53 %. Two of the lists with Catalanist candidates are now over because it is necessary to obtain a 10 % to be in the second round.

The results were not good for the Catalanists lists and only Unitat Catalana allied with the Sarkozy prime minister party (UMP) is able to be in the second round. ERC and Europe Ecology obtained more than 10 % in the northern Catalan main city, Perpinyà, but their results in the Occitan region were lightly bad. CDC and the Socialist Party scored a 7 % so are also eliminated.

Only three lists will be in the second round. A list formed by socialists local dissidents, the UMP list supported by Unitat Catalana and the National Front list. Full results for the Catalan region (which includes an Occitan county too called Fenolleda) were.

Socialist dissidents:               30 %
UMP(with Unitat Catalana): 22,9 %
French National Front :        13,6 %

Communists:                        8,8 %
Greens (with ERC):             8,6 %
Socialists (with CDC):         7 %
Right ecologists:                  4,7 %
Right dissidents:                  1,2 %
Trostkists:                           1 %
Far right dissidents:             0,8 %
Ligue du Midi:                    0,5 %

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