divendres, 26 de març de 2010

Reagrupament convened its 2nd assembly with success

On Sunday 21st Reagrupament (Rally) convened its second national assembly in Barcelona. More than a thousand people were present. They confirmed the current borrad, lead by Joan Carretero, with 90% of the vote and was approved a roadmap called “Organizing our future free". This document was griten by 653 Rally members months befote the assembly. Reagrupament presented a Constitution for Catalonia both in Catalan and English languages. It is based in the anglo-saxon model and can be consulted the website of the association.

Joan Laporta was invited to the meeting and he said that independence "is not an utopia, but a matter of survival necessity." The President of the Barcelona described the Catalan need for their own state because the Catalans' would need better hospitals, better roads, better schools. (…) the only form of international recognition is to have our own state because this is how is organized the world."
Unionist press reacted very angry against the assembly with some inusual attacks both in TV as well as in the press. Many unionist journalists attacked with angry the meeting of more than 1.000 democratic independentists but they hide that the unionist president deceived 2.000 old people to pronounce a meeting. Elders were invited to a feast with the lunch payed but they were surprised by Montilla speaking.

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