dimecres, 24 de març de 2010

Laporta praised by “Le Monde”

The prestigious French newspaper includes an article about Joan Laporta. The paper describes the Barça’s president in friendly words and explains his patriotic feelings far from the Spanish press attacks. “Le Monde” doesn't know if Laporta is the “Catalan Kennedy” or the “Catalan Berlusconi” yet but it is sure that he will be involved in politics this year to defend the right of Catalonia to obtain the independence. The article ends with the next text:

In politics, Joan Laporta expected to take hits. But the man has demonstrated his strong temperament during a particularly turbulent seven of the presidency of Barcelona. Throughout the controversy, most leaders embedded with him have left the ship, denouncing his "authoritarian" and "opacity" of his administration. He survived a confidence motion in 2008 and in 2009 a case of espionage within its own staff, as he stood in 2005 with revelations about the Francoist sympathies of his ex-father - brother, a member of its management team.
On his cellphone, he chose as a ringtone the soundtrack of Braveheart, the film adapted from the story of William Wallace, hero and symbol of Scottish independence. "We can do it, by awakening the conscience and taking action. Without Violence."

“Le Monde” says that Laporta could obtain between 12 % or 15 % and eight to ten Members of the Parliament. Also other papers as the Portuguese “Diario de noticias” show interest by the Laporta’s independentist proposal.

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