diumenge, 21 de març de 2010

Reagrupament's second assembly: The second impulse

On Sunday Independentist Rally (Reagrupament Independentista) will held its second assembly under the slogan "The second impulse." The association was founded the past year with the intention to form a candidature for Catalan independence, without distinction between political colours (left/right). Its sole purpose is to proclaim the independence of Catalonia. Since then; more than 3,000 people have been associated with this mood.

For months Reagrupament’s members have discussed a political program that will be discussed on 21 March’s assembly in Barcelona. The document, containing the proposals of the Catalan separatist formation, is called "Organizing our free future." It includes measures against the growing political corruption, for example prohibiting banks to finance parties to avoid after receiving in compensation. It also foresees a future with Free Catalonia national army and security services.

Just this week a study reveals that a Catalan state would have a similar level of welfare in Sweden. Just when one part of the country has lived last week without electricity following a snowfall that has damaged the infrastructure of Catalonia. These infrastructures are managed by Spanish companies which prefer to invest improvements in Madrid and have totally neglected the network in Catalonia.

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