dilluns, 3 de maig de 2010

4th North-Catalan week for the language

From 1 to May 8 it is developed the fourth week for the Catalan language in the North. The event is organizad by the Angelets de la Terra (Little angels of the earth). It is named by a Catalan guerrilla of the seventh century which resisted French occupation. Events Hill take place in four villages of Roussillon: Elna, Perpinyà, Rivesaltes and Salses. These acts expose the creation Catalan music, theater, poetry and film. Jordi Ramon Faura i Labat, president of the association, says this week is the best example of the vitality and diversity of Catalan creation. Catalanity is popular and without complex it attracts young people. "

May 1st. Elna. Act on 'Six hours of song' who were in the seventies in the Roussillon and it will screen the film 'The Colonel Macià”.
May 4th. Perpinyà. Debate on the economy in Northern Catalonia "From the Catalan folklore to the Catalan vector of economic growth”.
May 5th. Perpinyà. Cinema in Catalan language as well as concert in English language.
May 6th. Perpinyà. Debate on the Catalan theatrical creation and it will be presented the work done jointly by two Catalan companies. There will be representation of a work in Catalan.
May 7th. Rivesaltes. 'Poetry Night' and concert.
May 8th. Salses. Concert.
Altogether a fantastic initiative of the Angelets de la Terra as well as collaborators such as delegation of North Catalan Generalitat de Catalunya, Elna’s and Perpinyà’s towns, among others.

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