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Sixty Catalan personalities require a single candidacy towards independence

A manifesto will be presented on Monday May, 17th calling for the independence drive to “work together (...) with the aim to establish a Catalan state”. It is signed by several gold medals from the government, like doctor Moisès Broggi, actress Montserrat Carulla, Cross of St. George as Heribert Barrera (former Parliament president) or former FC Barcelona president Agustí Montal, musician Antoni Ros Marbà, the awards of Honour of Catalan Letters Joan Sola and Antoni Badia Margarit, Raimon Panikkar or the philosopher and ex-PSOE member Xavier Rubert de Ventós.

The text is absolutely clear: 'independence is the only solution that can definitively solve the historical problem between Catalonia and Spain.” It is called “Manifesto for a national conference of sovereignty”. The idea is so simple: to unite everybody under the banner of independence. An important thing is that anyone of the promotors have no relation with politics and refuse to use any type of political office. They only want to appeal to all groups to search an agreement to submit a nomination crossing several ideologies. It could motivate abstentionists and shoul be capable of carrying a group of MPs in Parliament. All of these without renouncing their personal ideologies.

This a new step towards the exciting next elections. Several voices demand an united separatist list. Last two Catalan elections there were elected 23 and 21 MPs under the ERC’s banner but they were used for the party to support the unionist PSOE party. It provoked a big disappointment between the independentist voters so the ERC’s result is expected to be so bad.

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