dilluns, 31 de maig de 2010

Sabadell, the biggest city to vote about independence

The consultation on the independence of Catalonia in Sabadell was organized on May 30. The Platform for Self-determination has registered a participation of 14.5%, with a total of 24,370 votes over a total of 173,426 who were eligible to vote. Sabadell also exceeds the 8.2% stake that was collected on April 25, Lleida, which until now was the largest town (114,000 inhabitants) which had organized a consultation.

A 92,53 % voted Yes, the 5.6% did it for not and the white vote and gets 1.8%. The Sabadell's results are despite lack of support or financial assistance from government institutions, although not official, and despite not having prepared an array of officials working there for free. For instance, over a 12% of participation was collected by a recent consultation on reform of the Diagonal Avenue in Barcelona. The last was organized a couple of weeks by the council of the Catalan capital. It squandered more than 3 million in municipal funds in Barcelona. Besides consulting Sabadell, as other questions about independence that have been made in the Principality, has received the approval and verification of international observers who have confirmed the validity and accuracy of them.

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