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València’s demonstration "the most crowded in recent years”: PP responds with an attack on TV3

In a statement, the Acció Cultural del País Valencià said: "The demonstration on April 24 that toured the streets of Valencia was the most massive mobilization of last year in Valencia. 50,000 people lined the streets in a festive and fun event involving all trade unions, progressive parties and the main cultural and social associations and organizations. The success of the event confirms the correctness of the strategy working unit driven by the convening organizations for the purpose of joining efforts to achieve social majorities them to do any changes specific to the plight suffered by València. Now the regional government has the opportunity to hear the cry of an important sector of the Valencian society, open to dialogue and listen to what we say to the various organizations representing the various areas that now have filled the streets of València . But if the government remains committed to Valencia refuse dialogue, the unitarian work (which on April 24, Valencia saw a tangible result in success on the street) will win new challenges (how to stop the destruction and make Cabanyal possible thanks to half a million signatures, the process of the bill that will allow the legalization of emissions TV3 Valencia). And not only that, but will see an increasing social mobilization during the next year.”

Photos that ACPV have circulated ACPV demonstrate the large number of people who demonstrated. According to the socialist newspaper "El Pais" that there were about 20,000 people and while the local police in 2300. Just see the pictures to see the hoax police controlled by the PP. ACPV also offered links to the media picked up.

The Spanish nationalist PP party response was immediate and has prevented the broadcast of the match Vila-real / Barça by threatening a requirement that Channel 9 has submitted to ACPV. ACPV has issued a note which explains that Channel 9 has the certainty that if they can pick, València viewers choose TV3. Faced with this new attack it must be remembered that the popular initiative “Television without Frontiers" lacksyet 50,000 signatures necessary to reach 500,000.

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