dilluns, 17 de maig de 2010

A crowd claimed for independence at the UN headquarters in Geneva

Hundreds of people (4.000 was the figure given by the organization) gathered on May 8th in Geneva (Switzerland) at the United Nations headquarters to claim an independent Catalan state. Promoters of the demonstration consider the "peaceful conflict" in Catalonia and Spain is aware that Spain, in his opinion, violates and endorses the international commitments that recognize the right of peoples to self-determination in denying this right in Catalonia.

The demonstrators, convoked by Deumil.cat wanted to represent hundreds of thousands of pro-Catalan independence from Spain in consultations which have been held in recent months. In a political act and it lasted almost three entertaining hours, they concentrated in the Swiss city and marched among for independence. Concentration also was attended by delegations from Venetian, Basque, Occitan, Lombard and Scottish separatists. Here you can see a photo gallery and the letter given to the UN (it’s in French language).

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