dimarts, 25 de maig de 2010

Catalan Wikipedia amounts to the 14th place worldwide

The Catalan language wikipedia advances the version in Finnish language and amounts the 14th place worldwide with over 235,000 items. The Catalan one is the first non-state language in the Wikipedias classification.

The Catalan edition of Wikipedia has surpassed the number of articles in Finnish edition, which has allowed to position itself in the 14th position in world ranking for this category. The growth continues with the Catalan Wikipedia firm, since September 2009 exceeded the 200,000 articles, and in January of this year reached the top position in global quality. This sort of ranking for more than 270 edits, as its extension and the achievement of 1000 items considered most important by users of an encyclopedia. You can view the full details of the Catalan version of Wikipedia in the statistics section.

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